Drawiki Magic light

Articul. VT4801-12

When I count to three, everything will sparkle..
We invite you to learn drawing step by step. Number one: let’s take out the glitters and train to color the things. Number two: let’s learn to draw on the contour. Number three: let’s color a big picture with a monkey (a hare, a cat, an owl), using obtained skills. The masterpiece is completed!
What was the other time when the child had so clean palms? Glitter pencils do not require the immediate contact with the fingers and do not spill. So the table and the child’s fingers remain clean.
A fastening loop, which is included in the set, will help to decorate the house with your own piece of art. Do not forget to indicate the name.
The set: 3 illustrations, 5 glitter pencils, a fastening loop, an instruction.

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