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So different looks. Masha and The Bear

Articul. VT2305-05

What stylish looks! Clothing game with Velcro with the heroes of Masha and the Bear will definitely bring joy to the child by means of costumes variety, creative design, light and simple form of the game.
Masha is a superhero, Inuit, Zorro… Zhuuh! Change the looks immediately with the help of Velcro. The set contains two toys: Masha and the Bear. Prepare the friends to the important events in their lives or merry entertainments. Masha is celebrating her birthday. Put on the dress on the toy and make a holiday hairdo for her. And what will the Bear put on for being equal with such a beauty? The child will learn to pick the outfits in one style. The game provides the space for fantasizing, develops aesthetic taste and the feeling of style.
In addition to fashion shows with the heroes’ participation, the toys can be used in a role-playing game, copying the cartoon events and creating your own stories.
The set: 2 toys, 14 cardboard articles of clothes, an instruction.

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