The car mechanic

Articul. VT2109-08

The child plays a role of the car mechanic, let’s start a motor. The game offers to design six varieties of the cars and start the journey in order to resolve different situations.
The child will learn the passenger and freight transport. You find the cars illustrating different situations in the game. For example, the alarm went off in the shop. Which car is necessary? The child must design the police car. But if need to download sand in the sandbox, the tipper will come in handy.
Let’s play with the buttons and Velcro! Fasten the wheels with a help of the buttons. Wow! They are turning! Change the bode with a help of the Velcro, choose the one, which is the best for you. Now you can travel wherever you want!
The set: the bases of the cars – 2 pieces, details – 10 pieces, the yellow Velcro – 2 pieces, the white Velcro – 6 pieces, the cards – 6, the instruction.

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